Side Hustle: Eve, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Nick Cannon & E-40

Everyone has a side hustle, and fashion is the move for a lot of celebrities these days.

Last week we told you about new clothing ventures from Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana, Young Buck, Rihanna, Will.I.Am, Kanye West, Angela and Vanessa Simmons, and LL Cool J.

This time around, it’s Eve, Jay-Z, Nick Cannon and E-40 showing you the art of relaunching, reviving and putting your money where your mouth is.

Rapstress Eve hopes there’s meaning behind the saying “third time’s a charm” in that she’s re-relaunching her clothing line Fetish. Disagreements with the line's direction caused two meltdowns, but things are back on track.

Eve claims that the previous designs, plastered in rhinestones and gaudy branding, was something she would never have worn. Now partnered with Signature Apparel, Fetish will now feature a more contemporary collection.

The revamped line will debut everything from oversized sweaters to leather pants, and will range in price from $98 to $1500. Eve promises this line will feature better fabrics and more fashionable pieces, clothes she would actually wear herself.

Corporate hustler Jay-Z and entertainer/producer Nick Cannon attached their star power to Artful Dodger and PNB, respectively. At one time both brands flourished, but soon drowned in the sea of changing trends. Recently Jay and Nick saw the potential in each, and invested millions to perk up the name and breathe life back into its designs.

Since Jay acquired Artful Dodger, the new look takes you back to his “Change Clothes” days with crisp button ups, to the colorful tees he dons while courtside at a Net’s game. The shirts are fresh, vibrant and full of Marcy swag and can only be found in specialty stores and boutiques in the UK and US.

Now the Creative Director of PNB, Nick still gives the line that urban luxury feel. The stylish new designs are accepted by ATLiens and even West Coasters, as Ludacris and Snoop Dogg take pride in showcasing the clothing.

Sensual Snoop Dogg will soon release his own clothing line called Rich and Infamous.

He’s also in talks with soccer phenom David Beckham to create a slew of house slippers. Details on both the clothes and slippers are being kept on the hush for now. Additionally, Snoop is taking branding to another level with his own line of Snoopermarkets.

Using his side hustle to help invent, E-40 is endorsing Icepiks by E.D.K.O.

The studded toothpick casing, once seen wedged in the teeth of celebs like Chris Brown and Ja Rule, gives a fashionable look for an otherwise odd habit. The handcrafted ‘picks can carry up to 3.5 carats and set you back as much as $3000.

Side Hustles are usually there to put a couple extra dollars in your pocket, but when Hip-Hop hustles it makes history.