Side Hustle: Jermaine Dupri, Beyoncè and Rihanna

Kicks, um-ba-rellas and the merge of

rock and rap make up this edition of Side Hustle.

While Beyoncè sets to expand her junior

line, Dereon, her faux rival Rihanna capitalizes of the success of her single,


Further down south, Jermaine Dupri

remixes his record label with Travis Barker’s Famous Stars and Stripes clothing

line to enter an apparel industry that is so so innovative.

Jermaine Dupri created a record label so

great that it was deemed So So Def, and he has now teamed with rocker Travis

Barker to release the clothing line, So So Famous. Travis’ fresh and admired

clothing line Famous Stars and Straps has rock stars, rap stars and vixens

yearning for a tee shirt flagged with the stretched F logo.

"I partnered with Travis because

I've been a fan of Famous for the longest, even before I knew it was his

line," Jermaine recently stated. The collection will boast limited edition

belts, tees and hooded jackets and will only be found in specialty stores

across the United States.

Beyoncè will add more footwear to her inexpensive

clothing line, Dereon. Because House of Dereon was a bit pricey and the design more

on the adult contemporary side, Dereon was put in place to allow her younger fans

the ability to dress like her for less money.

Available in both high-top and low-top

the sneakers offer basic and intricate designs. Beyoncè is often seen

showcasing Dereon attire, but never is she seen strutting in sneakers. It’ll be interesting to see if she slips

off the pumps and fits her foot with a pair of Dereon kicks in the name of


Songstress Rihanna will always be

recognized for her smash single “Umbrella,” and now she’s capitalized off her

single. This spring she will release her second exclusive collection of

umbrellas with Totes.

If you find it foolish to spend more

than $20 for an umbrella, then you can own Rihanna’s single-colored rain

protector. If you splurge on all things fashion then you wouldn’t mind spending

$50 for the multi-colored canopy-style umbrella.

You can expect more assortments of the

wind-proof umbrellas since the company has a ‘Rihanna for Totes Umbrella