Signed Jay-Z Albums Up For Auction

Universal &

Ebay have put 100 signed copies of Jay-Z's The Black Album up for auction.

One copy contains tickets to Jay-Z's sold out benefit concert at Madison Square

Garden in New York City.

The performance

will benefit Jay-Z's Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund and Russell Simmons' Hip-Hop

Summit Action Network. To bid on the auction, which ends Monday, visit:

In related news,

Jay-Z appeared on Big Tigger's nationally syndicated radio show, "Live

In The Den With Big Tigger."

The rapper confirmed

that The Black Album would be the final solo album of his career, so

he could focus on his various business endeavors, which include a version of

his "S.Carter" sneaker for N.B.A. players and a new line of S.C. clothing.

"It's going

to be a year, year and half, maybe even 2 years before I am back running the

business full time," Jay-Z revealed. "I'm a human being. It won't

be 6 months, I can guarantee that. I believe I have accomplished everything

I can."

Jay-Z also cleared

the air about recent allegations surrounding an alleged beef brewing with Busta

Rhymes. On "What More Can I Say," the rapper raised eyebrows when

he said the lines:

"I ain't

get shot up a whole bunch of times/And I ain't animated like say a Busta Rhymes"

"I was surprised

because I was talking about the level of energy Busta has on the stage,"

Jay-Z clarified. "I didn't mean no ill will. Just like my strong point

is bringing my reality, he brings that energy. I wasn't trying to diss him.

If I diss you, you know it. My disses be clear and they hurt."

In the interview

Jay touched on his relationship with Dame Dash, but didn't clarify whether recent

rumors about his leaving the Roc were true.

"Me and Dame,

we are good money. But we are growing up. He got things he wants to accomplish,

I got things I want to do for Jay."

Of Cam'Ron and

The Diplomats, Jay-Z said that everything was on the up and up between them,

they simply do not know each other.

"Me and Cam

were never cool. I don't have any beef, I just don't really know him,"

Jay-Z said. "I don't know them dudes but it's all good. Him and Dame are

from the same area of Harlem and I am from Brooklyn."