Signs The World Is Coming To An End: Did Big Sean Propose To Justin Bieber?!

Well, kind of! As a special "thank you" for allowing him to be a part of Justin Bieber's new project, Big Sean gifted the Biebs with a reported $30,000 ring!

According to MTV News, Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun revealed that the ring was originally owned by Big Sean, and he literally took it off of his finger and gave it to Justin while on set at the Today Show. PAUSE!!! Check out what Scooter said below:

justin bieber and big sean

“When they first met, Sean has this ring. It was his first ring he ever bought, the first piece of jewelry when he got his record deal. He gave it to Justin [at the 'Today' show]. He said, ‘I know you said you liked it, and I want to say thank you for involving me in the process and being a part of this. And I want you to have the ring.’ And he took it off, and Justin put it on and it was a real genuine moment. They’re friends.”

Big Sean is featured on Bieber’s Believe single, “As Long as You Love Me." SO, what do you think about Big Sean giving Justin Bieber the ring off of his finger? Is that weird and extremely PAUSE-worthy, or is it just things that friends do for each other? I'm confused?!


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