Signs The World Is Coming To An End: Man Sets His Girlfriend On Fire At 7-Eleven

A crazy South Florida man is making headlines for dousing his ex-girlfriend with gasoline and setting her on fire, and then trying to stab her with a knife. According to police, 59-year-old Roosevelt Mondesir is accused of throwing gasoline on his 34-year-old girlfriend and setting her on fire in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven. The woman had just been denied a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend just two weeks before.

The two have a four-year-old child together and had agreed to meet at 3AM today at a 7-Eleven so that she could pick up her son. A 3AM meeting? Anyway, Mondesir showed up without their son, and instead brought a bucket of gasoline.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the woman told police that she spotted the gasoline bucket and began to run away, when Mondesir threw it on her and lit her from behind. She was already on fire when she ran into the 7-Eleven and held the door closed from the inside. The store clerk called the police, and the man was arrested after he was found hiding in the bushes.

The woman suffered burns to her face and body, but is expected to recover. Mondesir is being charged with attempted murder charges. The store security camera caught the tail end of the altercation. Check out the video below:

People everywhere are losing their minds.