Signs The World Is Coming To An End: Woman Forced To Sit Next To A Dead Body!

A Swedish woman was forced to sit next to a dead body on a Kenya Airlines flight for nearly 10 hours! According to the International Business Times, Lena Pettersson was on a flight from Amsterdam to Tanzania, when the man in the seat across the aisle starting experiencing seizures and began sweating profusely.

The passenger ended up dying mid-flight, and since it was a full flight, she was forced to sit across from the dead body for the entire 10-hour flight. Those seated next to the body were moved to other areas of the plane. The flight staff laid his body across three seats and covered it with a blanket.


“Of course it was unpleasant,” Pettersson explained to a local newspaper, “but I am not a person who makes a fuss.” When asked about the amount of her refund, she added, “This feels much better. It is reasonable.”

After complaining to Kenya Airways about the uncomfortable situation, the airline refunded Pettersson $713 (5,000 kronor), which is roughly half of the price of her ticket.

This is insane! Why wasn't the plane diverted to another airport so they could unload the body? To make people endure siting across from a dead body is completely insane. She should sue the pants off of Kenya Airlines!