Signs The World Is Coming To An End: Woman Pregnant By Her Father And They're In Love

AllHipHop Staff

This type of story is one that we've heard before, but it never ceases to shock and disgust me every time I hear about it. The young woman goes out and seeks her absentee father, only to have them fall in love with each other and begin a sexual relationship. Terrible. This very thing happened to 28-year-old Penny Lawrence and her estranged father, and now she is pregnant with his child.

According to The Irish Sun, the unconventional couple blame their attraction on GSA, which stands for Genetic Sexual Attraction, a term previously created by Barbara Gonyo to describe the feelings between parents and their children - as well as siblings - who meet as adults.


"We are not committing incest, but are victims of GSA," Lawrence told the paper. "We've never experienced a father-daughter relationship, so we're just like any other strangers who meet in adulthood."

The father and daughter are awaiting their three-month scan of their love child, and if the scans show no birth defects, they claim that they will stay together and raise their child.

The confused daughter revealed that she has done research on GSA and "was stunned that some brothers and sisters, daughters and dads and mothers and sons were actually living happily as man and wife."

This is some crazy stuff right here. Is this even legal?