Singer Ray Lavender Keeps It Straight Classy in "We Love" Video

Looks like someone is actually doing some "real R&B" these days, as the latest song and video, "We Love", from singer Ray Lavender includes crooning, dramatic rhythm, and beat and a sound reminiscent of something someone would've done in the '90s.

Since his departure from Akon's record label, Kon Live, Lavender took time off to regroup and organize a new team. These days, he's independently working on his new album with his Global Artists Music Group imprint. The first single off the album Tequila fared well, but hasn't picked up enough steam for Lavender to sit down and take a break just yet.

Dude can sing, and "We Love" is proving to be a great way to showcase his talent. We just hope he finds his winning sound - something that will make him stand out, and something that will entice people to say "Hmm. Who is this Ray Lavender guy everyone's talking about?"