Singer Res Attacks Talib Kweli With Shocking Claims During Fallout Over Music

It looks like Res' relationship with Talib Kweli is officially over and heading into court.

(AllHipHop News) R&B singer Res is taking aim at Talib Kweli, claiming the Brooklyn rapper has been derailing her career for years.

Res is unleashing a series of allegations against Kweli on her Twitter account.

She signed with Talib Kweli's indie label Javotti Media in 2013, but alleges the rapper shelved her music, refuses to release any of her material and he filed a breach of contract lawsuit against her.

"I signed to Javotti, to release an album not to fight a lawsuit over music that is waiting to be released, which u refused to accept," Res said in a series of tweets.

"You doing me the same way these majors do they artists but you mr. pro black man please😐 you don’t want me to unmask you @talibkweli you taking my career for hostage and we know the real reason why."

Res ended up expounding on that reason, and she says Talib is still upset after she rebuffed his attempt to kiss her one night in a hot tub in Puerto Rico.

"I tried to be humble but you letting a kiss that you didn’t get @talibkweli keep my career on hold and I dare you to say I’m not telling the truth you know Mr.Green wasn’t you married then 🤔I’ll wait," an angry Res fumed.

Talib was pretty much silent with his words, but he did drop the email in question on his Twitter account.

"You already went to court for this. You forgot? Your case was thrown out. You were in a hot tub with me in PR."