Singer Seal Says Rap Has Taken A "Nose Dive" And Blasts Lazy Lyricists

AllHipHop Staff

Pop singer Seal has an opinion about the state of today's hip-hop music and it's not good. Read more.

(AllHipHop News) Internationally-renowned the singer Seal is the latest artist to weigh in on the debate over a generational divide in hip-hop.

Artists like Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Yachty, and 21 Savage now T.I. have clashed with a variety of rap veterans over the past year.

Seal, who has collaborated with artists like DMX, and Tupac's Outlawz, had some thoughts on the matter.

"What happened to rap?" the singer asked. "Rap has just taken a nose dive, generally speaking, since Lil Wayne. He's still rapping, but in terms of a type of music saying something, or expressing a view in a poetic manner, Wayne is amazing. What he's doing is as valid as Dylan.

Most recently, Pete Rock and Waka Flocka Flame got into it over comments the Atlanta rapper made regarding his status as a legend in hip-hop.

Waka's opinion sparked a back and forth social media conversation with veteran Pete Rock, who had issues with Waka comparing himself to Nas and Jay-Z.

This led 21 Savage to chime in regarding the division in hip-hop, and how some of the elders are hypocritical since they promoted drug use in previous decades.

"I have no problems with the sonic qualities, I think that's cool and progressive. But the laziness, generally speaking with the lyrics..."

Seal, then took aim at Future and Drake's hit single "Jumpman," specifically, for the number of times the Atlanta rapper namechecks the restaurant "Nobu" in the verse.

Take a look at Seal's comments on hip-hop below:
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These NO TALENT mumble stumble fumblers are TRYIN' to LOWER the bar Soooooo Low that even their BS sounds like 'something'...... EMBARRSING & Lowest Point in History! We NEED to Start Celebrating REAL TALENT & INGENIOUS Lyrical & Musicianship Again! Let the BUMS stay in the GUTTER - that's NOT Real Hip Hop! #MumbleYourAzzOuttaHere!


Seal is right but you have to give more blame to dumbass fans to consume the trash music and the Jews who promote it over quality hip hop


Waka a legend? GTFOH! I don't listen to Seal but he is spitting the realness....