Sir Mix-A-Lot Drops Sixth Album, Works With Rockers

Seattle rap legend

Sir Mix-A-Lot has returned to the rap game with Daddy's Home and a considerably

more mature attitude.

Mix-A-Lot, best

known for his crossover hit "Baby Got Back," has been branded a "one

hit wonder" by many mainstream outlets, but as those from an older generation

will recall, the rapper had success with his releases before and after "Baby

Got Back."

With early influential

releases like "Swass," "My Posse's On Broadway" and "My

Hooptie," Daddy's Home is Mix-A-Lot's sixth album, the first the rapper

has released in six years.

"I grew up.

I’m still funny on some of the tracks, but at the same time, I didn’t

want to make a record and be talking about 15 cars and who has the biggest d*ck,"

Mix-A-Lot told the Seattle Weekly.

On this album,

the rapper says that he updated his skills.

"Guys that

are still like 'I-like-big-butts-and-I-cannot-lie,' it’s like, goddamn,

there are some guys still doing that. When I did it in ’92, it was sarcastic—it

sounded old then."

The rapper is also

expanding into other genre's of music. He recently collaborated with rockers

President's Of The United States of America on a yet to be released album titled

Subset and is producing various rap and rock acts from the Seattle area.