Sir Mix-A-Lot Likes 'Big Backpacks'

Sir Mix-A-Lot’s

once controversial hit “Baby Got Back” is now the base of a department

store’s national back-to-school ad campaign.

Target retail chain has adopted 1992’s “Baby Got

Back,” but the rapper has tweaked the lyrics to encourage the purchase

of school supplies.

Now dubbed “Baby Got Backpack,” Sir Mix A-Lot kicks

lyrics that say “I like backpacks and I cannot lie” instead of original

lines that said “I like big butts and I cannot lie.”

In 1992, the Seattle native was banned from daytime MTV, because

sexy dedication to well endowed derriere was to hot for company brass.

On the internet, some blog posters expressed discontent with

the use of the song, but Target reps told the New York Post the song is primarily

marketed to parents that have kids.

“Baby Got Back” reached #1 in 1992, won a Grammy

and was Sir Mix-A-Lot’s biggest hit, but the rapper was already a platinum-selling

artist before his highly publicized crossover.

MTV and BET embraced his 1987 hit “My Posse’s On

Broadway” and other songs scored with fans as well.

“Baby Got

Backpack” can be seen on national outlets through the summer and fall

back-to-school season.