Sista Souljah Sparks Controversy At University Of Memphis

Sister Souljah

recently spoke at the University Of Memphis, where controversy raged on campus

about her appearance.

The problems started when Souljah's visit was

sponsored by the Black Student Associations Black History Month Committee. The

president of The College Republican's, sophomore Andrew McGarrity protested

Souljah's appearance, due to statements she made to the Washington Post in 1992.

"If black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill

white people?" she ten years ago.

"It's black history month and they're trying

to unify the campus. This seems to be in direct opposition to what they're trying

to do," McGarrity told the Memphis Commercial Appeal. "This lady spouting

off all these racial comments and anger or whatever the case may be, just seems

to be working against themselves. As Americans, we all should be offended,"

McGarrity said in an interview Friday from Washington, where he is interning

at the White House.

Sista Souljah did make her appearance last Wednesday

and responded to her critics. "Dishonest people are afraid to dialog,''

Souljah said. During her lecture, she explained how growing up in the projects

in New York helped her build her character. She also spoke on the importance

of learning African philosophy and history. the importance of family relationships

and criticized the penal institutions.

Currently, Sista Souljah is the Executive Director

of Daddy's House Social Programs, which is a non profit organization for urban

youth financed by Puffy.