Sista Souljah To Speak At Conference


artist/activist Sista Souljah

will join Ras Baraka and Kevin Powell this weekend, (Saturday

November 3rd) at a hip- hop conference entitled: "My

Optic Presentation: Seeing Hip Hop in the 21st Century."

The conference

will take place from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm ath the University

of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA in Logan Hall 17. The

conference and the open mic session that will follow afterwards

is free to the public.

For More Info.,

Directions, or to Register,

please contact,

Topics to

be discussed for the day are:


and The Boilerplate"

"The Cross and The Microphone"

"Hip Hop Nation Language and Cultural Modes of Discourse"

"Hip Hop Sampling and Yoruba Aesthetics" "Throw

Away Phrases: Hip-Hop American Style"

"'Where It Ends, It Begins': Hiphop As A Garbage


"The Myth of A Black Owned Hip-Hop and the Lone and

Lost Puerto Rican Breaker"

"Word/Playing And Djing In The Hip-Hop Streets of

Philly" and more!

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"HipHop Speaks!" to Your Campus,

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