Skillz Attacks Shaq With Help From Pistons Ben Wallace

Rapper Skillz (formerly Mad Skillz) has launched

chapter 2 of his odd rap battle with basketball star Shaquille O'Neal.

Without warning, the pair's musical clash began

with a JiCE-produced Shaq freestyle that hit exclusively on a DJ Sickamore

mixtape. Spreading rapidly, the track had Shaq spitting lines that appeared

to be directed at Skillz.4

In a song titled "The Champs Is Here,"

Skillz has returned fire by incorporating Ben Wallace of the NBA Champions The

Detroit Pistons. Wallace is tied to Skillz' home state of Virginia because he

played college basketball for Virginia Union.

"Shaq picked a battle that we know he cant

win and you versus Skillz that's a sad one/ I'll kill your rap career as if

you've ever had one and that's a shame son/you made 5 hip hop albums and I don't

know anyone that could name one/when you see me you have nothing to say/treat

me like your lazy eye and start going the other way/and your eye is giving me

the creeps/ matter of fact it don't even look lazy, dog, its gone to sleep."

Shaq's rap wasn't weak, but Skillz assured that

he wasn't the hooper's ghostwriter as gossip and Internet chatter has suggested.

"Rumors are rumors," Skillz told

"I never wrote anything for Shaq, not recently or back in the day. That

s**t is stupid, it makes no sense. Paying for a person to rhyme with a rhyme?

Repeat that back to yourself three times and see how stupid it sounds,"

he reasoned. "The only reason he got an answer is because he threw the

first blow. This ain't no challenge, this ain't even exercise to be honest with


While Skillz makes light of Shaq's skills, he

will be delivering a mighty blow with the advent of a mixtape dedicated to his

gripe. With "Street Wars: Skillz Vs. Shaq" the VA lyricist collaborated

with Washington D.C.'s DJ P. Cutta and DJ Whoa in hopes of keeping the baller

on the court and off the microphone.

"If you think "The Champ is Here"

with [Detroit Piston] Ben Wallace was a problem, wait to ya hear this s**t.

I do research fam, I don't play," he exclaimed.

Skillz has been known to shock with his punchlines,

yet he assured that he is only defending his honor, not partaking in a publicity


"People want to know my intentions about

why I went so hard at Shaq - I'm an MC....that's the bottom line," he said

frankly. "You throw a dart at me, I throw a harpoon at you. I don't go

looking for beef, this one was brought to me."

Lastly, Skillz concluded with a message for some

of those he feels are preoccupied with his career.

"Most of y'all sit in front of your computers

too much, worrying about what the rest of the world is doing. I got a new single

called "Take It Back," just shot a video and leave for an overseas

tour next week. And I'm turning down deals cause I can," he said. "You're

on a computer everyday at work hoping your boss don't find out you on

Be easy. Hop off my d**k...ain't no more room on it."