Skillz Drops "Rap Up 2003"

As the year 2003 comes to an end, rapper Skillz has released his "Rap Up 2003."Like last years recording, the noted rapper cleverly weaves the more memorable events of the past year into rhyme form."Everybody got poked fun at," Skills told "Everything is in there, but I just missed the Bobby and Whitney episode."The rapper touches on incidents involving Kobe Bryant, R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, Eminem and the N word, Jermaine Dupri, Lil Jon, the New York blackouts, Ja Rule, Irv Gotti getting caught with Viagra and more."The year wasn't crazy, but I just took the best sh*t and poked fun of it, even myself. I wasn't exempt."About himself, Skillz rhymes:These label's is sinkin'/So when you say Rawkus I say 'What the hell was I thinking/While fans were hoping for Skillz to drop the Rap annually, the rapper said he wouldn't record one every year."The only reason I did this it because everybody kept asking at the shows," Skillz said.Currently, Skillz is shopping an untitled solo project, which he hopes to release in the new year.