Skillz Isn’t Dissing In New Video – Yet

When viewers see Skillz’s video for “Crew Deep,” which premiers on BET’s Rap City today (August 2), they will notice a number of human heads on the wall in the same fashion a hunter would mount the head of a prized prey.

Similar to a deer’s head or a moose with the largest antlers, are some rappers, including some very distinct, almost trademark features.

But Skillz said they aren’t any particular rapper, but, by the same token, they could be.

“They can be whoever you want them to be,” he said of the rappers who resemble some of the biggest names in hip-hop.

Trina. Knoc’Turnal. Master P. Baby. Chino XL. Fred Durst. Snoop. Eminem. The heads could be anybody.

When talking about Long Beach’s finest, he said, “I would never disrespect Snoop,” but didn’t reserve the same sentiment for the Dogg’s Caucasian homey.

“If Eminem wants to say something, it would be lovely. I can still add an answer record to my album,” he said of a possible battle royal.

Ultimately, the Virginia- bred rapper said that the concept for the video originated with the director, not himself.

“I didn’t add them mother f**kers in there,” he said laughing.

“It could me anybody, but people are going to say its somebody so there is some controversy.”

Ding Ding.