Skillz Talks 2005 'Rap-Up', Annual Song Released

Virginia rapper

Skillz has gone back on his word and has recorded a 2005 "Rap-Up,"

despite saying that he wouldn’t do another installment of the lyrical


"People only want to hear that song from me so why not do it?" Skillz

told of the annual song. "There was just so much to talk

about this year. It's not like I didn't have any ammo! People ask you enough

times and you realize that it makes more sense to do it then not to do it."

Radio stations across the country have already started playing Skillz's yearly

song, which features the rapper reminiscing about the year's highlights in rhyme

over the instrumental to Jamie Foxx's song "Unpredictable."

In the first minute of the song, Skillz humorously recalls incidents involving

Houston, Nelly & Ashanti, Nas & Kelis, Lil' Kim's trial, Irv and Chris

Gotti's trial, Jamie Foxx's Oscar and Dave Chappelle.

On one verse Skillz raps:

Be for real cause Common’s Be album was ill/I got sick of seeing rappers

smiling showing their grills/And Eve had a porno but if you blinked it was gone/and then Suge [Knight] got shot by a dude with some pink pants on/Ciera and Bow Wow they started dating right/I mean he’s three feet, it’s no way

he’s laying the pipe

In a previous interview with, Skillz said that he would no long

record the "Rap-Up," which he started in 2002.

"I should have shut my big mouth and not have said I wasn't gonna do one,"

Skillz told "People didn't even bother to ask if I was doing

one. They just walked up like to me [after the interview] like, 'How the hell

you ain’t doing a rap up? Out of all the years, you pick this year to

not do one?' So I just went in and did it."

The 7 minute song also makes a pointed commentary about Hurricane Katrina and

Kanye West's infamous "George Bush Doesn’t Like Black People"


Bobby Brown's reality show, rap beef, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, 50 Cent

and Game's press conference, T. Paine, Usher's movie and the Stop Snitchin'

phenomenon and other events throughout the year are cleverly worked into the

song by Skillz.