Slick Pulla Almost Free, Planning New Albums

AllHipHop Staff

Incarcerated rapper Slick Pulla will be released from prison to a halfway house at the beginning of next year.

The rapper, who has been locked up since early 2007 on a probation violation, is part of Young Jeezy’s USDA (United Streets Dope Boyz Of America), which will drop a new album in early 2010.

“All this situation did was set me up to really get focused and come back to really give the people what they need,” Slick Pulla said last week during a conference call organized by “I need to be out there giving the streets what they need, good yams, instead of being in here. So it’s going to be a lovely situation. A minor set back for a major come back.”

USDA’s latest single "Bag Music" hit the Internet earlier this week, giving fans a glimpse of the upcoming project, which is a follow up to their 2007 album Cold Summer.

“This album is not about just laying down another compilation of different lyrical creativity, but more about letting the streets know that USDA is still united strong and fierce in that same branded Corporate Thuggin Way,” Young Jeezy said in a press release about the new USDA album.

In addition to Slick Young Jeezy, group members JW, Boo Rossini, Blood Raw and 211 make appearances on the untitled album.

Although he has been incarcerated for over two years, Slick Pulla said his USDA group members have been keeping him involved in their projects and playing new music for him, as he awaits his return to the rap game.

“You can be dumb and make the same mistakes or you can take the situation and make your mind stronger,” Slick Pulla said. “Cats in here are more focused on what they wanna do. When you’re on the streets you got so much going on, but in here you can focus on what you wanna do. Cat’s just wanna get down and execute.”

In early 2010, Slick Pulla will be released to a halfway house. If all goes well, he could be home as early as Summer of 2010.

“Once you get to the halfway house, you can work,” Slick Pulla said. “I am trying to get it to where I can go to the studio to work. And if I do good there, I get that weekend pass and then I’ll be able to work.”

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