Slick Rick Issues Stay Of Deportation

Slick Rick's lawyer has filed an Emergency Stay of Deportation in hopes of

keeping the embattled rapper in the United States. The INS ruled last

Wednesday to deport the rapper back to England.

According to the law, the INS now has 14 days to respond to the request,

while Rick is still in detention in a federal prison in Bradenton, Florida.

"It’s been over six years [since I got out of jail]. I have a wife, kids, a

whole family, real estate, a rap career – Slick Rick. It's strange that they

open such a heavy watch [against me]," Rick told in a previous interview, echoing the

sentiments of other rappers, who claim that the Federal government has a bias against


"Everybody agrees this is totally unfair," Rick continued. "My crime

happened over a decade ago, you know what I mean? A decade is a change."