Slim Dunkin's Dad Sues Lawyers Over $11.5 Million Judgement

Slim Dunkin's dad is trying to collect a huge judgment against Gucci Mane's label and Young Vito.

(AllHipHop News) The father of slain rapper Slim Dunkin is suing his attorneys, for failing to collect an $11.5 million judgment on his behalf.

Slim Dunkin's dad Mark Hamilton filed a lawsuit against the law firm of Hagen, Rosskopf and Earle, claiming they failed to collect on a 2016 judgment against Gucci Mane's label, 1017 Brick Squad Records and rapper Young Vito.

Slim Dunkin was shot and killed in December of 2011, inside of the Zone 6 Studio during a fight over candy with rapper Young Vito, as they were shooting a video for Gucci Mane’s song “Push Ups”.

Although Slim Dunkin's dad won a huge judgment against Gucci's label and Young Vito, he hasn't seen any of the money since a ruling in his favor in 2016.

But Slim's dad could never collect the money since the Brick Squad Music Group LLC he sued has been dissolved.

Young Vito remains in prison, as he serves out the remainder of a 25-year sentence for aggravated assault.

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he better hurry up im sure there is some kinda of statute of limiations


crooked moves he might have to sell the debt to some gangsters so they can actually collect on it