Slim Jxmmi Goes On A Rampage And Fights During His Own Show

Jxmmi got into an altercation with a local DJ down in Florida over something petty.

(AllHipHop News) It has been a wild week for rap group Rae Sremmurd.

First, Swae Lee's house was raided and his pet monkey was seized as part of an investigation into animal trafficking targeting producer Mally Mall.

Now, Slim Jxmmi is making headlines, for turning out his own show at the University Of North Florida's OZFEST Spring concert.

There are conflicting reports as to who the rap star actually fought.

One version of the story says he became enraged when a young DJ refused to play a song he had personally requested.

Another account claims Jxmmi was checking a stagehand and defending his own DJ, who was in some sort of altercation.

Either way, Slim Jxmmi may have some issues with anger.

Just last month, he was involved in a street brawl with a group of locals in Auckland, New Zealand, which sent one person to the hospital with injuries.

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Why fight DJ during your own show.. Smh.. This so called rappers