Slim Thug Addresses LeToya Relationship, Independent Album

Houston, Texas rapper Slim Thug has never been silent concerning the success of artists out of his home state.

While the rapper took home Best R&B Video at this year's MTV Awards for his "Check on It" collaboration with Destiny's Child lead singer Beyonce, the rapper is equally proud of fellow Texan, ex-Destiny's Child member and former girlfriend LeToya Luckett.

"I love it," Slim Thug told "You know I was with her the whole time she was making the album [ Letoya ], so I'm happy to see that what we were doing came out good."

Letoya's good fortune on the charts [#1 Billboard's ] Top 200 Chart] reflect the songbird's hard work, said Slim Thug who expressed support for the former object of his affection.

"We used to be together, she was my girlfriend - so I wish her all of the success," the lyricist admitted. "She's been working hard. She's on tour right now with Mary J. Blige. She's Houston too, we all gotta represent right."

Despite a cameo on Luckett's self-titled debut and an appearance in the video for it's second single "She Don't," those hoping for a reunion between the pair will have a long wait, according to Slim Thug.

"We ain't tryin' to [go back]," he said. "We did it, you know - we had good times, but I don't really go backwards you know - I go forward."

Fans of the rapper can soon look for his musical return with the release of two upcoming albums.

"I got an independent record we putting out called Serve and Collect. We finna drop that in October. Then I got my second solo, Boss of All Bosses -- it's gonna be out in February," the rapper revealed.

Although Slim Thug remained tight-lipped, he did share his opinion on the major-label follow up to his first album Already Platinum.

"My album is gonna be crazy. I've been working hard. I'ma have a lot of big collaborations, but I ain't gonna tell nobody who all gonna be on's crazy. I already love it."