Slowbucks Affiliate Ty Gunz Calls 50 Cent A F*ggot & Snitch; Challenges Him To Steal His Chain


(AllHipHop News) The fallout from the Slowbucks chain snatching at Summer Jam continues. Slow's ongoing feud with 50 Cent adds a new chapter as an affiliate of the SlowBucks Over Everything crew took shots at 50 in a new video.

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Ty Gunz was interviewed by videographer Alex Schmoll, and he was asked about Slowbucks being a snitch. The question did not sit well with Gunz. He responded by attempting to check Schmoll.

"Slow a snitch? I take that real personal what you said," Gunz says. "He's not here to defend himself. I'm here, so I'm gonna defend him. I feel like you're being disrespectful. You need to apologize for that."

The cameraman did offer an apology. Gunz then asked if Slow was snitching, where is the paperwork to confirm that rumor and who went to jail from him working with the police. Gunz later turned his attention to 50.

"How I feel about 50? Man, f**k 50! I don't give a f**k about that n**a. I don't know nothing about that n***a!" said Gunz. "That n***a's a f****t. He put a pan with a lot a rats. You gave offense to a lot of real n***as that's outside."

Ty is referring to a picture 50 posted to Instagram in July that featured rats drinking from the same bowl. The caption on the photo read, "Unity SBOE, nice to see you all together LMAO.”

At the end of the video Gunz pulled out his chain and challenged the G-Unit leader to send someone to take his jewelry. He also claimed 50 snitched on Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff which led to the federal investigation into Irv Gotti and Murder Inc Records.

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Watch Ty Gunz's interview below.