Slum Village Teams With Chevy To Produce Child Safety Video, Song

Detroit rap group

Slum village has teamed with Chevy and Safe Kids Worldwide, to produce a Hip-Hop

themed safety song targeted at 8-10 year-olds, urging the youngsters to travel

safely. The

song and video, titled "4 Steps," was written by Slum Village members

T3 and Elzhi and will be made available through a CD distributed by Safe Kids

Worldwide and through web downloads. The

group met with representatives from Chevorlet and Safe Kids before going into

the studio, to hone the song's message. "It's

good to take a safety message and put it into a Hip-Hop song, because Hip-Hop

is youthful," Elzhi said. "Hip-Hop holds a lot of influence over kids.

Some kids even want to be like us - to do what we do - so we hope they will listen

to our message."Slum

Village announced a deal with GM in Sept. of 2005. Since, the announcement, the

group has been featured in a number of ads for Chevrolet, in print, radio and

television. In

June 2006, group members T3 and Elzhi helped Chevy build a Habitat for Humanity

home for a family displaced by Hurricane Katrina.