Smack DVD Releases Video Of 50/Fat Joe Call

One of the pioneers of the Urban DVD industry continues to push the genre forward, as launched earlier this week, providing fans access to the entire catalogue of the long running Smack DVD Magazine brand, founder Troy “Smack” Mitchell told

To mark the official launch of the new website, which went live with a soft launch earlier this year, Smack released an exclusive video conference call between rivals 50 Cent and Fat Joe, which took place about two weeks ago.

“I had the opportunity to get up with both of them and you know, they both expressed to each other how they feel about one another,” Smack told “Certain events that happened involving both of them, they both spoke upon the situation from their points of view. I was able to get that exclusive from both of them because they deal with me and they respect the hustle and the contributions that I bring to Hip-Hop.”

Smack DVD will continue to provide exclusive footage and live access to high-profile celebrities and events, as well as freestyle battles and other situations.

“We’re linking up with a lot of up-and-coming producers and letting them showcase their talents and come on board and get they footage out to the world and promote whatever it is that they’re doing,” Smack continued. “We also got the Smack archives, which we have full control of. I got so much content in my catalogue and in my archives that never made the DVD, I’m gonna put [that] out on the site and just do what I do regularly. Instead of putting out a DVD, I’m going straight to the internet.”

According to Smack he purposely chose a domain name that would be similar to YouTube, because of the popularity of his DVD Magazine.

The new digital phase does not mean that Smack DVD will no longer be released in DVD format, Smack added, stating that the popular series will be released as complimentary, issues supported through major corporate sponsorships and events.