Sneak(er) Peak: DJ Clark Kent's Black Friday Air Force 1s


Black Friday? Never did like that name. But I guess White Friday wouldn't have the same punch in describing the day after Thanksgiving when people lose their minds while waiting in line to get at some ridonkulous sales. Hmm, kind of like those heads that stay on line waiting for the latest pair of limited edition kicks, but I digress. Nike Sportswear and DJ Clark Kent—a tragically underrated producer, for real—connected to create this Black Friday Nike Air Force 1.Obviously, the shoe drops Nov. 29 in three spots: NYC (21 Mercer ), then Beantown (Concepts) and then MI-Yayo (Shoe Gallery). Somehow the good Clark Kent will be at each of them (that frequent flyer mile account must be serious). Why all the hurrah? The shoe is supposed to have some ill materials. Said Kent in a statement, "I went to the fabric library, picked the prime suspects and went to work on the design. The end result...Something Black, Luxurious & Fly, and FRESH!!!! What better way to start the holiday shopping season?!?!” However, we won't get all that info until the morning of release, so for now make due with the shadowy image provided. Well, at least there is an excuse to include some Clark Kent produced music. One. Junior Mafia "Player's Anthem" VideoNotorious B.I.G. "Sky's The Limit" VideoSauce Money "Middle Finger U" Video