Sneak(er) Peak: Presidential Edition

Surely you’re reading this while voting or while anticipating your voting or while reveling in the glow of that wonderful feeling that comes from voting and fulfilling your civic duties. Anyway, this column is about kicks and though sports figures aren’t the usual suspects when it comes to making political statements—who has MJ ever endorsed besides Phil Knight?—Tracy McGrady and Kevin Garnett are kind of sort subtly making a statement people should get to the polls. During their games today (Houston Rockets vs. Boston Celtics) the perennial All-Stars will be wearing customized versions of their Adidas TS Commanders with messages on the side [Garnett: “Embrace Change, Vote ‘08”] and rear [McGrady “Change Is Needed, Vote ‘08”] of their respective sneakers. No, they’re not broadcasting who to vote for—ahem, Obama, ahem—but are encouraging people to vote, period. Which you did/are going to do. Right?These Air Force 1's with big images of Obama face splashed on both sides were designed by Van20 and the photos were floating around earlier this year. I ain’t mad at them, at all. Not too sure about these (must we be walking all over Obama already?) but I'll post the pic off of g.p. On another note, I’m still heated that Gilbert Arenas knee is still jacked up but hopefully he’ll be back on the court soon. Nevertheless. His Black President kicks are still officially official.