Sneak(er) Peek: Adidas X Def Jam

AllHipHop Staff

Def Jam and Adidas; two disparate companies sharing innovative pasts and futures. The former holds place as the essential Hip-Hop label, built on acts like LL Cool, Slick Rick and Public Enemy. The latter is a bedrock in sportswear, and inadvertently or not, Hip-Hop fashion harking back to the debut of ubiquitous Pro Model/Superstar (aka Shelltoes).In celebration of Def Jam and Adidas’ 25th and 60th anniversaries, respectively, as the common thread, the two companies have teamed to produce the adidas Originals Def Jam collection. This clothing will include sneakers and apparel. Special make-ups of traditional Adidas kicks including the Superstar, the Forum Mid and the Stan Smith. Tees and track jackets (see photos) will also be included in the line. [cont. below]At a recent Adidas sponsored release party for their Blackout! 2 album, Def Jam artists Redman and Method Man gave their take on the Adidas and Def Jam union. “To me Adidas is synonymous with Run-DMC. Adidas is synonymous with fat laces, and taps on the bottom of the shoes, ya know, shell toes,” said Method Man. “Their history alone is way beyond Redman or Method Man. The influence that Adidas has in the hood, I really can’t tell you. I just like a fresh pair of sneakers. It’s three brands the brothers really mess with, and Adidas is one of them.”

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Adds Redman, “Connecting with Adidas and knowing they history means a lot. I’m glad to be a part of the family, serious. As far as the partnership with Adidas, I guess they needed some personality. All the staff that works for Adidas is probably young, was probably into our music when they was a little younger. Somebody was like why not Red & Meth? It’s good that we can stand out. We can appeal to the younger crowd.”

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Lately the now de rigeur rapper clothing lines or collaborations can tend to turn off buyers weary of their tendency to include auspicious logos and low brow pandering in their designs. But the adidas Originals Def Jam collection seen below and to the left combine traditional adidas designs with smart details like “AD.60.DJ.25” inscriptions and subtle homages like the burgundy colorways that DJ’s will remember from the Def Jam label’s 12” record sleeves. Current Def Jam acts including Ghostface Killah and Young Jeezy will be revealing their own special adidas and Def Jam co-branded clothing in the coming months. The collection will be available at select retailers and the Adidas Originals store beginning in July and August. aqua blogs about Hip-Hop, kicks and everything in between at Slang Rap Democracy.