Sneak(er) Peek: Air Jordan Countdown Pack

Surely you've seen them by now. The Jordan XX3s that plenty of

people with the disposable income, questionable priorities and liberal

life schedules no doubt stood on line for to pick up on their January

25 release. Meanwhile, the folks at Brand Jordan also hooked up a Countdown Pack to

compliment the release. The first of these is the union (in a box) of the Jordan X

and the Jordan XIII (the ten and 13 add up to...right, 23). I myself wasn't too keen on the Xs when they

dropped in '94; even Jordan himself only played in them once. But the XIIIs are up there

with the best. It had big shoes to follow thanks to the patent leather XIs (Bubba Chuck was killing the Big East in them) and the XIIs (Bryon Russell and the Utah Jazz got a good look at them during the 1997 NBA Finals), but they held their own

and look true to the original form here. This pack comes in at a hefty

$310 dollars...but you do get pretty packaging. See, told you the box was nice...XIII and X, it's all in the details...Fresh out the box...Nice, but......these are fresher. Two for One special. Jacked this pic from the good folks at These will be part of the second pack along with the XVIIs.