Sneak(er) Peek: Air Jordan XX3

That’s it. It’s over. It’s a wrap. Done deal. Finito. No Mas. With the release of the Air Jordan XX3, Nike and Brand Jordan are sealing the legacy of arguably, but not really, the most popular sneaker of all time. Yeah yeah, the ubiquitous Nike Air Force 1s, ahem—Uptowns, might get the award for omnipresence, but when it comes to sneaker connoisseur desire, Air Jordan’s have reigned supreme since their '85 debut. Being that this is the 23rd shoe—Mike's jersey number, the shoes 23rd year, blah blah blah—it goes without saying the designers went all out. Seems like these Jordan’s are “green” with Nike boasting that the shoe embraces a “Nike Considered design ethos” that took into consideration environmental friendliness in the shoes construction. That said, details include an outsole made of recycled rubber and they apparently went easy on any harsh, environmentally harmful glues. Then you got the usual top of the line basketball sneaker tech like full length Zoom Airsoles, a low profile and carbon fiber shank plates that surely support your feet even if your J is suspect and you’re prone to blowing open lay-ups.Other details include MJ’s fingerprints and signature incorporated throughout the shoe design. Rumor has it these will be the last Air Jordan release. The kicks launch nationwide February 23 at a sizeable $185 clip. A limited release will drop January 25th at a heftier $230 price tag. But the question is, are these rockable off the court? Here are some pics for you to decide... These look real stealth like...Those are lot of M&M's..."But it be like, blue and cream silver!"