Sneak(er) Peek: Kanye's 5411's & Many, Many Jordans

AllHipHop Staff

Yo, stop sippin’

the Kool-Aid, please. Quick history lesson #1, for those that don’t know: Jim

Jones—the kooky cult leader, not the Dipset

Capo and alleged Ne-Yo snuffer—had a compound

in Jonestown, Guyana, where on Nov. 18, 1978 he and over 900 of his followers performed a mass suicide by ingesting poison flavored with Flavor-Aid. Hence the aforementioned, though slightly altered, term used to describe rapt followers,

"drinking the Kool-Aid."

The point of this clipped history is too many of you are

gushing over the Kanye West designed Louis Vuitton kicks. LV teams with the rapper turned pop

artiste to drop some couture footwear. Joy. They drop in June and will likely cost a couple of paychecks to us common folk.

However, said kicks (above) look like a pair of glorified 5411

Reeboks. Quick history lesson #2: The Reebok freestyles (pic

below)—go-to pair of sneaker attire for hip ladies in the hood in the

90’s—were dubbed 5411’s due to their $49.99 tag, which when adding NYC’s

then .0825% sales tax, meant $54.11 would get you a pair.

A message from kwest on Vimeo.

Not that he cares what I think, nor should he, but ‘Ye was better off when co-signing his Air Yeezy’s (1st pic above). Just my opinion folks. And as far as his call me MLK Jr. rambling in the video above, what do YOU think? I will say a grown man rocking a 'Frullet in '09 cannot be ignored in this equation. West designed five shoes in all and in the pic to the left, jacked from his blog, is another design.

Speaking of Nike, the last month or so must have been straight

orgasmic for Air Jordan fiends, with a number of Jordan Brand affiliated kicks

dropping. Including…

The Air Jordan 2009. What, you

really thought they were going to stop making new pairs at #23? The shoe features

Advanced Propulsion Technology (APT), carbon fiber tech and a whole bunch of

other things you might not care about since they looks so good. They launch nationwide Valentine's Day and will run you back $190 bones.

More colors on the Jordan 6 Rings. They go for $160 beans.You won't find these unless you literally run with Joe Johnson and Mike Bibby of the Atlanta Hawks, or if you catch them at a House of Hoops. These player exclusive of versions of the Air Jordan Pure Pressure are an ode to Obama's inauguration. Props to

AJF 6's. Don't usually feel these, pause, but ain't mad at the colorway.