Sneak(er) Peek: KG's Goes Gold and LeBron's Got More Kids...

Sneakers as far as the eye can see. But know this, it's QUALITY not quantity people. All you herbs with dozens of Dunks (usually the wack colors nobody wanted so you caught them on sale) thinking your shoe game is tight; wrong. The plethora of wack colorways and suspect re-issues you incessantly adorn your feet with only provide fodder for me and dozens of true sneaker connoisseurs to clown. Trust, the dude hitting them with say a crispy pair of neon green Air Max 95's or fresh out the box Jordan 4's is winning, while the cat with a pair of so rare they only made the right shoe in China and the left shoe in Brazil kicks in a display case because he's too scared to even wear them needs a girlfriend. Seriously, that purple, orange and crimson color scheme on those kicks

that heads really weren't feeling that tough back in '89? Not hot, bro.

Step it up. Now let us move on...The Champ Is HereTomorrow

night is opening night of the 08/09 NBA season and is when KG gets that championship ring for bringing the chip back to Boston, at

Kobe and the Lakers' expense. The good folks at Adidas and Kevin

Garnett are auctioning off a pair of his TS Commander Champions shoe (below). KG will be rocking them during the game while 17 pairs—Boston's got 17 championships, get it?—will be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to the Boston Celtic Shamrock Foundation. If you got the funds, you can log onto www.celticscom/shop tomorrow after the ceremony to start bidding. Speaking of green and gold Adidas, these limited edition Superstar Celtic kicks (shell toes, for the uninitiated) will get attention. Also created for the NBA season opener, I suggest you say KG is your peoples and insisted that he give you a pair. Consider them a conversation starter. Only 500 of these were made and they will be available in the NBA store as well as Boston area retailers on November 1. Flashing LightsConverse is trying their damnedest to avoid also-ran status in the sneaker world. They got a boost, at least on the pro sports side, when they lured Elton Brand away from Nike this past summer and are good money so long as one Dwayne Wade is on the roster. Here is a “Same Day, Same Story” commercial starring Flash for his WADE 4 that starts airing soon (10/28/08)…You Can Get Wit' Da KidSo you can't talk NBA without bringing up King James. LeBron James' latest signature shoe, the Zoom Lebron Six, dropped a special The LeBrons pack. The LeBrons are “Athlete LeBron” [left], “Business LeBron”, “Kid LeBron” [below] and “Wise LeBron”, made famous in this commercial right'chea...The best look in my biased opinion are the "Kid Lebron," royal blue and white is a can't miss. Ummm...Last month Adidas and Vibe got together for a shoe commemorating the latter's 15 years in the game. Respect due.But yo, AllHipHop's been here 10 years, nahmean! Can we get a shoe? I'm saying, where’s the AHH love? Maybe a retro-fitted pair of Rod

Lavers in our good old colors of red and black? Just a thought...