Sneak(er) Peek: NBA/Adidas Retro, Coogi Kicks and Brand Jordan

By now you've seen the Jordan Spiz'ikes (shout out to Spike Lee aka Mars Blackmon) and either copped them or wish you had the funds to. While Michael Jordan has been retired from the game of basketball for a number of years now, his apparel still racks up plenty of sales. Nike and MJ new this, hence Brand Jordan.

Now Levis Strauss & Co., those denim making cats, want to get in on the flavor. The collaboration (men's only for now, sorry ladies) will be named the 23/501 collection and will include a t-shirt, a pair of gold zippered Levis 501 jeans and a pair of Air Jordan Retro 1's—all with special details highlighting the Jordan/Levis connection and enclosed in special packaging. The limited edition set won't be hitting stores until March 2008. This pic of the patch on a pair of the jeans is all we could get, for now...Adidas launches Heritage Week with the NBA from Friday, December 7th until December 14th. During Heritage Week a number of teams that have won NBA titles including the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks and Miami Heat, will be wearing retro uniforms provided by Adidas, which outfits the NBA’s uniforms. But for the majority of folk without the necessary skills to step foot on a pro court, merchandise including jerseys, t-shirts, kicks and hats will be available for sale. Peep some of the jackets (Lakers to the left, Garnetts Celtics, Knicks, below) that go for about 110 bones each…“However, I stay Coogi down to the socks,” rapped the Notorious B.I.G. on his “One More Chance/Stay With Me).” I still think those sweaters were—and may still be—horribly colored, but these kicks Coogi got going on in hi and lo versions ain’t too shabby. Though, retailing at $110 to $120, they are a tad bit pricey.