Sneak(er) Peek: Nike Dunks, Negro AF1's, Girlie Adidas and such...

Got a bunch of fresh sneaker looks to get to so lets get to it. Nike Dunks have become as common as quarter waters ("Hugs" to my Philly/DE folks) and sunflower seeds in the hood over recent years. Staying freshly dipped while wearing a pair amidst and despite their ubiquity requires taking the initiative to purchase a pair that not too many other folk have. That said, Nike just dropped BE True Dunk Hi Pack, like today (March 8). Having the courage to rock these colorful kicks could be your saving grace — hell, you probably have something that at least sort of matches one of the rainbow mix of colors in this pack.These are just the latest set of homages to Dunks first worn by basketball players in the Big East, ACC and Pac-10, the powerhouse conferences. Hard to believe its been almost 23 years. Balling, skating or plain walking, rock 'em with respect.Big East bong bong. Pack of Skittles not includedBLACK HISTORY MONTH FOREVERTwenty eight days and an extra one on leap year just is not enough for Black History Month. Celebrate the achievements of our darker hued brethren at all times is my motto. The folks at Nike delivered an exclusive Black History Month take on the seminal Air Force 1, and it's a winner. Features included ill tweed on the heel and chocolate and caramel colors, these joints are serious. Quotes from the good Dr. Carter G. Woodson are featured prominently on the box and in the inner sole of each shoe. If you are not familiar, please add The Mis-Education of the Negro to your personal library not now but right now. These treats are not available at retail, so good luck finding a pair. Red, black and green with a fist would have been too easy. True, true...Tastefully done. Read up.Meanwhile, Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets got himself some new J's, literally (via Brand Jordan). The Jordan CP. And lastly, for the ladies...This adidas X ProMama collab take on the Adidas Pro-Model b-ball shoes were designed by Gabriella Davi-Khorasanee, founder of MAMA Clothing. Retailing at $100 at select stores, only 500 of these are being made. Peep the black hearted details. Get your girl/wife/mistress/jump-off/moms a pair, and you can get away with copping another three or four pair of sneakers you don't need, trust.