Sneak(er) Peek Special Edition: Funkmaster Flex Custom Car, Bike Show and Sneaker Battle!

The annual Funkmaster Flex Custom Car and Bike Show was in full

effect the last weekend in June at the Convention & Expo Center in Edison, New Jersey.

The event brought in a swarm of Hip-Hop heads including

Jermaine Dupri, LL Cool J, Yung Berg, Maino, Cam’ron, Just Blaze, DJ Premier, Busta Rhymes, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana, among others.

Besides all of the breathtaking cars, bikes and model search

which brought out a lot of eye candy for the guys, there was also clothing for

sale and sneaker battle, which would have left any sneaker junky in heaven.First and foremost, don’t step on my J’s! I must give respect

to all the vendors who showcased the various Jordans from throughout the years. From black and red Jordan One, Jordan Three True Blues to the lime green bean and

grey Jordan Retro Five - and some even had throwback jackets and jerseys to


These are sneakers by TTK, who has been designing sneakers

for three years. Dwele, Cormega and Natalie from Floetry are just a few of the

artist who own his footwear. TTK does a lot of social political pieces. I asked him what

inspired his President Bush sneakers and he said, “I don’t agree with some of

his policies. On the sneakers I have him preaching democracy, but I spelled it

democrazy. Crazy, because over in Iraq we’re not

going to go in there and say we’re going to give you democracy and its going to

change over night. They're preaching democracy, but overall it’s all about

capitalism, that’s why I spelled it capitoilism,

its all about the dollar.”

“The Barack Obama’s came to be because we’re a part of

history, we are witnessing this right now. My mother was around when Dr. King

and other great leaders were, and I know they could never imagine this right here

happening in today’s world. This is my piece dedicated to that,” TTK told us. I’m definitely feeling his movement!

I had a quick sneaker convo with DJ Jazzy Joyce, who also passed

by TTK, and I asked her what makes a sneaker hot. “It all depends on your

personal style, because a sneaker maybe hot but you might not be stylish enough

to pull it off,” she explained. “I’m too mature for certain styles. I like it

classic, subtle, simply stylish… in the simplicity there’s complexity in the

style. It may be a pair of white on white uptowns, but their might be a leather

embroidering in it that's hot!”

Next we have Sublime Creations Footwear out of Virginia. The

designer “A Train” Aaron likes to be different and show details. I asked him what

has been his most unique piece so far and he said he’s getting a lot of

response on his Incredible Hulk inspired sneaker, which I must say was the one

that instantly caught my eye. 

As of right now many of A-Train's clients are local artists from the Virginia and DC area, but he’s looking forward to working with some major artists.

I must admit one of my favorite sneakers was from Rebel Aire - this teal, black, white and silver is so my style!

Some vendors had displays which fused fashion and cars, such

as this Scarface-inspired Hayabusa Suzuki motorcycle and jacket.

And what about this bike with the matching sneakers?!

There were a few clothing vendors there too. I spoke to the lovely Ms. Debbie, Juelz Sanatana’s mother. She

had a table showcasing some Diplomats t-shirts and iced out skull belt buckles.

I know this is the fashion section, but I just wanted to

show love to two of my favorite rides! This is a Tricked Out Custom Cycles three-wheel Hayabusa!

And of course this crazy Pure Customs '85 Cutlass Supreme it

has 466 horsepower, 50 thousand dollars of engraving and gold plating!

With over hundreds of attractions inside and outside of the

event, it was almost impossible to capture it all, trust me this was only a

fraction! Big shout out to Funkmaster Flex for another successful year, this is

what you get when some the best things on earth cars, bikes and fashion