Sneak(er) Peek: The Black President

It's Super Tuesday (2/5/07), so it goes without saying that if you are registered to vote in one of the 24 states holding primary elections, you are going to vote for one of your respective political party's Presidential hopeful's today, right? Political participation aside, the day's election activities make it apropos for me to big up my favorite make up of currently rehabing (knee, not the Amy Winehouse variety) NBA player Gilbert Arenas' signature adidas kicks, the Gil II Zero X Black President (pics below). The Black President version of the adidas TS Lightswitches don't actually drop until February 10, but if you got juice you might have scored a pair already. Couple these kicks with your vintage "Vote Or Die!" t-shirt from 2004 when George Bush bamboozled the world, again; and you're sure to make a fashion forward fashion statement of the ballot variety at your local polling station. Details like the "Black President" written above the three stripes, "In Gilbert We Trust" emblazoned on a couple of places and the crisp black & white color make the shoe a winner in my book. Barack should rock a pair. Peep the photos...In Gilbert We Trust...You never know...and Obama doesn't have a perm; odds improved.Aesthetically pleasing...The Gil II Zero X HALO edition of the TS Lightswitches drops a couple of day earlier (Feb. 8th). As you can see in the photos below, details include a Bungie logo on the heel, images of rifles (the game's ESRM is rated "mature", after all) and a HALO 3 logo on the front strap. Not my favorite make up but with only 100 pairs being made available globally, they're sure to be a collector's item. These will not improve your skills at Halo 3, but you're feet will be comfortable.Trey...Hibachi!Umm, Vote to Live, in '08