Sneak(er) Peek: The Jordan Rules! British Knights Return? Kanye's GITD Special

It's been a minute, so let me go in.Don’t sleep, unless your tastes don’t run far past Vans, you would have noticed folks rocking the Zoom Soldier’s something crazy last summer. The re-up, Zoom Soldier 2, may become just as popular thanks to its clean lines.Even with LeBron long gone from the playoffs, the colorways are sure to be ill in the coming months. Lebron’s kicks are a buck ten (ahem, $110) but these Sharkley’s, part of the Nike Remix series, are sure to be everywhere thanks to its $85 price point and a bunch of color choices.I can’t call these. Now some heads were rocking British Knights heavy back in the day but that got deaded due to excess clownery when MC Hammer whored himself out and endorsed this brand. Hey, LL had TROOP, right? BK is toting that they are dropping exact replicas of their old joints but this colorful update here, I don't know, you tell me…You can’t be mad at these Kanyeezy Nikes [right] here. Still no word on a release date so catch them at a Glow in the Dark tour stop near you. Marty McFly would be proud. The Nike Hypderdunks (China edition to the left) are a vast improvement over those glorified Spiderman shoes Kobe has been killing cats in lately (Lamar Odom and Manu Ginobli aka Nose can be spotted wearing them on court). Surely you’ve seen the Kobe leaps over Aston Martin vid… The Hyperdunks will NOT make you do what he does below. Though surely some total idiot will try, and break a leg or three.In this latest viral vid, Mr. Bryant teams with the white boys from Jackass and jumps over a pool of snakes. Kaboe calls himself the Black Mamba after all. Am I the only one that’s always thinking, “PAUSE,” whenever these cats are on camera?Adidas got some freshness in the tank too. I snapped a pic of these joints in their office. My dear colleague Dove has been harassing me to give these Carter Cuff Clips (think, jewelry for the back of your jeans that keeps them from dragging) some shine. Done. There are not many kicks as polarizing as the Jordan’s. “They cost too much!” “But check how ill they look!” “They cost like $5 to make and your getting raped for $150 easy.” “Son, they stole a pair right off my feet!” “But I'm styling on you!” Regardless where you stand, anything Jordan affiliated gets heavy runnage on feets in the hood (sp’s were purposeful in that last line). That said...The AJ5 Fusions below (mix of Jordan 5’s and Air Force 1’s) have been getting much burn. This colorway [below] drops on June 14. Buttery. Mixing 5’s with 1’d worked, so why not the Jordan 3’s and Uptowns? Done deal. These [below] are the AJF3 Fusions. There are a bunch of colorways dropping in the next couple of months but these Tar

Heel colored joints hit stores on July 30.The Jordan Six Rings [left] are mix of a bunch of shoes from the collection a la the Dub Zeros. The shoes in the mix are selected from what he wore on the court for each of his six NBA championships. Sure to be sweated, these drop August 16. Lastly in this Air Jordan blitz; the 4/19 Countdown Pack dropping on July 19 will feature my all time fav Jordan (the Jordan 4's...ok, really the 5's), along with the boot looking 19's, in my all time fav colorway (black/red/gray). Save your funds now…