Snoop Challenges Bill O'Reilly, Blasts TV Host On Dutch TV

Rapper Snoop Dogg

recently appeared on a Holland based-talk show and had some unflattering words

for frequent rap critic Bill O'Reilly. On.

Mar. 29, Snoop appeared on the talk show Jensen! which is hosted by Robert Jensen.During

the interview before his performance at The Milky Way club, Snoop and Robert Jensen

sipped Cristal, and Jensen questioned the rapper about his image in the United

States, when the topic of Bill O'Reilly came up. "F**k

Bill O'Reilly," Snoop said to rapturous applause from the studio audience.Jensen

played a clip of a Nov. 2006 episode of Bill O'Reilly's The O'Reilly Factor

television show that featured Snoop's former attorney defending the rapper against

a variety of charges levied by O'Reilly."I

got females everywhere, I got em working for me," Snoop said before showing

the clip. "She was riding for her pimp!"Snoop's

former criminal defense attorney Lauren Lake vigorously defended Snoop, born Calvin

Broadus from O'Reilly's accusations. "He's

a good hearted young man, he's contributed to charities, he helps young people,

you see him coaching his child's football team, buying them buses [and] giving

young children from inner cities better opportunities," Lake said.During

the clip, O'Reilly accused Snoop Dogg of being a drug dealer and promoting violence

and offered to "build a jail" just for the rapper, whom he compared

to 20th century Chicago gangster, Al Capone."He's

a motherf***kin prick," Snoop told Jensen. "He doesn't understand me.

He doesn't understand how his kids and his family just loves Snoop Dogg, he don't

really get it. So instead of him trying to have an interview with me to try and

better understand me, he'd rather bash me in the media , when he could have a

conversation with me and get a one on one with me."The

rapper even offered to actually appear on O'Reilly's popular television show,

The O'Reilly Factor. "I'd

love to go on his show, but we'd have to do it in my neighborhood though, so I

can kick his motherf***ing ass when we are finished."The

rapper also addressed his recent denial of entry to enter the UK, despite never

being charged with a crime in the country."I'm

at a stand still right now," Snoop said. "I don't fault the people who

love my music and love me, cause I know they don't have no control it's the upper

officials, the people up top who are looking for an example right now. Hopefully

they'll figure out I'm not the one to be the example. But we will get together

one day, UK. They don't understand me. They got the parliament government with

their wigs on and all that old school, so they aren't really hip. They need to

change their rules and laws there."