Snoop Dogg And Tha Eastsidaz Announce Deal With Rio


Dogg and Tha Eastsidaz will be

among a number of groups that will come pre-loaded on the Rio

portable devices. An announcement with TVT was issued today, in

which they will put four tracks on the digital music player. The

RIO 600 is being developed by s-3 and Nike.

``Consumers are driving

a drastic change in how music is distributed,'' said Steve Gottlieb,

president of TVT Records. ``With the Rio players, we are giving

consumers top quality content from our artists everywhere and

every way they listen to music, whether it is at home or at a

concert, working out or on the go.'' ``Music is all about an experience,''

said Mike Reed, vice president of marketing for S3's Rio Division.

``By providing customers with preloaded content and demonstrating

how to use the player, we are giving them a great out of the box

experience with digital audio.''

Preloaded Content

As part of the agreement will be Got beef by The Eastsidaz, Waffle

by Sevendust, I Preach To Barty by Pills and I'm The Man Who Murdered

Love by XTC. All of the songs will be encoded

in the Windows Media format.