Snoop Dogg Discontinues Rich and Infamous Clothing Line

(AllHipHop News) Snoop Dogg has opted to discontinue a clothing line that he founded in 2008, according to reports.The rapper launched The Rich and Infamous Clothing Line in 2008 with much fanfare and promotion courtesy of Snoop Dogg's star power. However, he's canceled the line, according to has closed the online store, website and will not service traditional retail outlets either.Representatives for Snoop didn't reveal why Rich and Infamous was halted, but Snoop suggested in a previous interview that the recession had taken its toll on the clothing line. "The recession is affecting everybody," he told in 2009. "We're trying to keep it one hundred percent and do what we're doing and try to keep the prices a little lower. [We're] trying to keep it cost sufficient for what [we 're] doing."The Rich and infamous was a partnership with Robert Thorn Company. The collection debuted at the acclaimed Magic fashion tradeshow in Las Vegas in 2008,