Snoop Dogg Disses Suge


Dogg has

launched an assault against the former label he was on, Death

Row Records. No Limit bought his contract for an estimated $700,000,

allowing him to head to Master P's camp. Snoop has one album left

under the Master P deal, which is scheduled to drop in the spring,

titled The Last Meal. In an

unreleased cut, Snoop lashes out at his former label, and label

head Suge Knight. The song also features another MC, possibly

Goldie Loc. Here are some of the

Listen to: Death

Row Is Bitches (Courtesy of


Suge Knight sure your company's in tha fog

Simon say you'll neva see the streets again

And if homies catch you slippin there gonna stick in

Cuz, nigga, I'm trippin right now

We crippin right now

We dippin right now

All that money I made ya

You're major, I made ya Nigga,

now I gotta fade ya

Payin no attention

when u got a suspension

Now I'm on a mission

Dogg paw intuition

and from Verse 2:

While ridin shotgun young dumb crusin'


Niggaz put my nigga 2Pac in the mix

Had him fuckin with some real OG shit

That nigga didnt know what he was gettin into

Had him caught up in the middle while you fuckin with his revenues.

and still from the end:

Now I see yall niggaz tryin to put somebody tryin to talk about


Nigga i started yall

How the fuck u gonna put out somebody dissrespect the dogg nigga

Slap yourself Slap your mutha fuckin self

Record sideballs get your bitch ass knocked out

DOGGHOUSE RECORDS Yeah If its on its on

Oh yeah This is protected By the blue the gray & By the green

With the key Beyatch hahahahhaha yeah crips crips crips crips

crips crips