Snoop Dogg Endorses Tekken Video Game with New Song and Music Video "Knocc 'Em Down"

(AllHipHop News) Snoop Dogg has been known to enjoy a few video games along with a nice smoke, so it's no surprise that the veteran rapper is the new spokesperson for the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 video game that hits stores September 11 of this year.

In addition to the video game, Snoop has released a song - "Knocc 'Em Down" - and an accompanying video where fans can watch him playing the game in live action.

"I knocc 'em down, it's like Tekken/ Jump kick put tips on you in second/ Ready for the battle / You can pick the weapons/ God fist combo get ready for the blessings/ Smash on you pronto from all directions / Line the fade up, buttons get to pressin'," Snoop raps.

While the game doesn't release until September, fans can pre-order a version which offers access to an additional Snoop Dogg stage in the game, and includes exclusive early access to the characters Kunimitsu and Ancient Ogre, in addition to Michelle Chang and Angel.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be available on X-Box and Playstation. Watch the video below: