Snoop Dogg Goes Wild

Snoop Dogg

will be the first celebrity host of the extremely successful "Girls Gone

Wild" franchise of videos. "Girls Gone Wild Doggy Style" follows

Snoop around Feb. 2002's Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans. According to

sources, Snoop was paid in excess of $1 million dollars to have camera crews

follow him around while women flashed him and exposed other various body regions.

"At Mardi Gras 2002, he not only proved

to be an amazing host and part-time director, but he was a huge draw for crowds

of beautiful women," said Joe Francis. Francis is the CEO of Mantra Entertainment,

the company that produces "Girls Gone Wild," "Playboy Mansion

Parties: Uncensored," and "Playboy Casting Calls." The videos

are distributed by Mandalay Entertainment, which is headed by industry veteran

Peter Guber. Mandalay is responsible for such movies as "Donnie Brasco,"

"Seven Years In Tibet" and the "I Know What You Did Last Summer"

franchise of films, as well as others.

"Girls Gone Wild Doggy Style" will

be approximately 60 minutes in length and is scheduled to hit stores in both

VHS and DVD formats in September.