Snoop Dogg Hit With Gun, Drug Charges After Airport Arrest

Snoop Dogg was arrested

yesterday (Oct. 26) at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, CA on suspicion of illegal

drug and gun possession. According

to reports, the rapper was stopped around 3:30 pm at a loading zone for a vehicle

code violation. A

search of the rapper's vehicle produced a gun and an unknown amount of marijuana.


was arrested and released shortly after posting $35,000 bail."There

was no basis for this arrest," the rapper's attorney, Donald Etra, told the

Associated Press in a statement. "We believe that once this is cleared

up, all charges will be dismissed." Snoop

Dogg, 34, may face criminal charges from a separate airport incident last month,

after airport officials found a 21 inch collapsible baton in one of his bags as

he boarded a flight headed for New York.In

May of 2005, Snoop was banned from British Airways, after he and five men were

arrested in connection with a brawl in London's Heathrow Airport. The

altercation happened after people traveling with Snoop Dogg were denied entry

to British Airways' first-class lounge and begin brawling with airport security.


airport security guards were injured.