Snoop Dogg Honors Kids During SYFL Championships

Hip-Hop star Snoop Dogg and athletic company Cutter Gloves will recognize and award football players and cheerleaders of the Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL) during the SYFL’s All-Conference Championship game today (December 2) at the Home Depot in Carson, CA.

Each year Snoop Dogg and sponsor Cutter Gloves honors members based on their academic progress, sportsmanship and character.

For this year’s awards, players and cheerleaders submitted essays on how their participation in Snoop’s league has positively impacted their lives.

According to Snoop Dogg, the purpose of the league is to build friendships and relationships that last off the football field and to enhance each child’s problem solving skills.

The rapper will be on hand to award four grand prize winners laptop computers, while runners-up will receive gift bags.

"We couldn't do this without people like [Cutters] who believe in the Snoop Youth Football League," Snoop Dogg. "It's easy for a kid to join a gang -- we need to make it easier to play football. The SYFL is on to something so fresh and productive for our youth, and we are also all about helping the boys and girls off the field."

Cutter Gloves is an official sponsor of the SYFL, which is comprised of 60 football teams and cheer squads for boys and girls ages 7-13.

The company also sponsors the league’s annual championship game, the Snooper Bowl.