Snoop Dogg Issues An Order To All Federal Employees Suffering Under Donald Trump

Snoop Dogg is using his platform to call out President Donald Trump.

**(AllHipHop News)**Snoop Dogg is urging federal employees who are working for free following the U.S. government's partial shut down not to vote for President Donald Trump in 2020.

The rapper feels for all those who haven't received a salary for over two weeks and on Saturday, he posted a video to his Instagram page, calling on all those struggling to pay the bills to vow not to give Trump a second term.

"All you people from the federal government that are not getting paid right now, ain't no f##king way in the world y'all can vote for Donald Trump when he come back up again," the Gin & Juice star raged.

"If y'all do vote for him, y'all some stupid motherf##kers. I'm saying that to y'all early.

"All you federal government people that's not being paid, that's being treated f##king unfairly right now, that's so terrible and this punk motherf##ker don't care. So I'm saying that to say this: when the s##t get back on and y'all get y'all jobs back and it's time to vote, don't vote for that n##ga. Please don't. Look what he do. He just don't give a f##k.

"Y'all honest, blue-collar, hard-working people and suffering. So if he don't care about y'all, he really don't give a f##k about us. So f##k him too, and f##k everybody down with Donald Trump. I said it."

Snoop has been a vocal opponent of the U.S. leader ever since he took office, poking fun at Trump in a 2018 music video and even defying marijuana laws by lighting up a joint and smoking it in a park across the road from The White House in Washington, D.C.

The rapper captured his act of defiance on Instagram in a series of videos he titled "I Had 2 Do It Part I, II and III," puffing away as he made it clear he wasn't a fan of the President.

He celebrated the field trip success back in his hotel room, smoking a blunt as he chilled out, clearly high as a kite.