Snoop Dogg Meets with Police Over London Brawl

Rapper Snoop Dogg arrived in London Wednesday (May 10) to meet with police.

The meeting comes on the heels of a recent brawl at Heathrow airport.

Snoop (born Calvin Broadus) and five other men were arrested in April on charges of violent disorder and starting a brawl.

Snoop will meet with officers at Heathrow police station to determine if any action will be brought against him.

The incident started after members of Snoop's entourage were denied entry into British Airways' first class lounge.

The group became upset with officials after some were told they didn't have the correct tickets

to enter the lounge, the BBC reports.

The 34-year-old MC, who spent the night in jail, was on his way to Johannesburg, South Africa, where he was scheduled to perform.

The six-member group, who were identified as U.S. citizens in their 30s, was later released by police.

Although authorities did not charge the

group with any offense, they demanded a return visit after further investigation of the incident.

Police added that seven officers were injured during the brawl.

Snoop has been banned from future travel on the airline.