Snoop Dogg Plans To "Go Wild"

Snoop Dogg recently revealed that he is done

with the "Girls Gone Wild" franchise and will be releasing his own

line, that focuses on ethnic women.

"If you notice, there hasn't been no girls

of (ethnicity) at all on none of those tapes," Snoop told the Associated

Press. "No black girls, no Spanish girls - all white girls, and that (stuff)

ain't cool, because white girls ain't the only hoes that get wild."

Snoop said that constant complaining from a variety

of women led him to his decision to market his yet to be titled line of women

baring their skin.

"They've been complaining to me like crazy,"

the 31-year-old rapper said. "They think I like the white girls because

I'm on there with them, and I don't. I just did that for money."