Snoop Dogg's Mom Approves Of His Gospel Album

Snoop Dogg's mom has co-signed his daring new album. Read more

(AllHipHop News) Gangsta rapper Snoop Dogg is planning on getting into the "spirit" next year.

According to the Long Beach native, he is planning a full-fledged gospel album in 2018.

"I have always wanted to try Gospel. This may surprise some people but all I gotta say is get ready for some good for your soul music in 2018," Snoop Dogg told Billboard. "Ya know I'm always cookin' up something. I'll have some new projects for y'all in the New Year."

While the project has yet to be named, Snoop has been teasing the gospel project since June.

According to Snoop, the project was inspired by his mother, who gave her stamp of approval for the album.

Check out a snippet below:

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Yo that sounds dope. Do your thing Snoop